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Teeth whitening

Bělení zubů

Do you want to have very white teeth and would you like to achieve this by whitening? The countless number of whitening systems and products on the market make us all a bit confused.

  • The truth is that if you really want to have your teeth whitened perfectly, it is your dentist who can do it best.
  • The truth is that the whitening products and systems bought at a chemist’s or in a pharmacy have a very limited effect.
  • The truth is that it’s not about the brand of the whitening system but about the procedure chosen.

And the truth is that the best result will be obtained by the so-called combination teeth whitening, which combines at-home whitening using whitening trays and final in-office whitening directly in the dental office chair.

There are only a few systems in the world using specifically this technique. We, being the only ones in the Czech Republic, make use of one of these – it is called Enlighten and comes from Great Britain, where it is used by the most prestigious dental practices. It is the only system in the world that guarantees whitening to the B1 shade of the sampler, standardly used by dentists. However, this does not mean that it is very expensive; it can be obtained from us at a very favourable price!

Bělení zubů

The truth is that if you have your teeth whitened and do not take further care of them, the original colour tends to return within a few years. The truth is also that if you re-whiten your teeth at home once in a month or two using the original trays, the attained colour remains unchanged.

We also guarantee the possibility of whitening dark, usually dead, teeth. However, as even here the original colour has a tendency to return some time later, it is sometimes preferable to choose a direct composite veneer to achieve long-term stability.


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