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Ceramic and composite veneers

Titulek Popisek

Do you long for a bright smile and simultaneously want to be as gentle as possible to your teeth? We have a solution for you – veneers represent a mini-invasive aesthetic treatment. They are a new front surface of your teeth that can hide the imperfections of the colour or shape of your teeth. By this pain-free procedure we can create exactly that perfect smile you have always longed for.

Titulek Popisek

Ceramic veneers are thin ceramic plates made in the dental laboratory and attached by special glue for tooth enamel. During this treatment, we usually file down the teeth minimally or not at all; the treatment is very gentle and durable at the same time.

Composite veneers are made directly in the patient’s mouth. In this type of treatment, we file the teeth down only very gently or even not at all. The result is finished within one session, in the course of a single visit of our office.

Titulek Popisek

Because a reconstruction of your smile is involved, our priority is detailed preparation. This includes consultation, photographic documentation and study impressions. Using these data, we will analyze your smile and together with the dental laboratory create a prototype of your teeth on a model. With its help we can show you what your new smile will look like.

Who is a candidate for ceramic and composite veneers:

  • a patient with tooth gaps
  • a patient with imperfectly shaped teeth
  • a patient with teeth containing unaesthetic fillings
  • a patient with teeth damaged by medication – tetracycline teeth
  • a patient with teeth damaged by grinding – bruxism
  • a patient requiring smile makeover – aesthetic smile improvement

Samples in the gallery
Samples in the gallery


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