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Dental hygiene and prevention

Zubní hygiena a prevence

Do you want your teeth to require minimum dental treatment?
Do you want to have your teeth under control?
Do you want to know what is happening in your mouth?

Make regular visits to our clinic for preventive check-ups. We will perform detailed examination of your teeth, jaws and soft tissues to prevent possible diseases and, if they have already happened, to treat your problems as efficiently as possible. The standard examination lasts 30 minutes; it is not the “quick fix” common elsewhere. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic methods.

Do you want the procedures performed in your mouth to be at the highest level?
Do you want to prevent bleeding gums?
Do you want to prevent periodontitis or to fight it efficiently?
Do you want to have a pleasant feeling in the mouth?

Zubní hygiena a prevence

Dental hygiene is the foundation of the health of your mouth. You will learn which cleaning techniques are best and individually suited to your teeth and mouth. Once in three to nine months we will finish cleaning your teeth in such a way that they are beautifully clean again and you have a fresh feeling in your mouth.

Last but not least – patients using our services, provided that prevention and dental hygiene are regularly performed, have the possibility to obtain an extended five-year guarantee.


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