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Equipment of the Clinic

The instrumentation and material equipment of our practice is at the highest level to enable us to correctly diagnose you, elaborate an appropriate plan and then perform treatment that will really solve your dental problems. This, however, would not be helpful in itself if this equipment was not used by doctors and staff who want to provide you with perfect treatment, who educate themselves to the maximum and who enjoy their work!


  • KaVo DiagnoCam – state-of-the-art laser caries detection
  • work with binocular loupes
  • work with the microscope
  • digital intraoral X-ray apparatuses
  • a unique digital 3D CBCT X-ray apparatus – this apparatus is able to take 2D images, so-called panoramic images, at a high quality; simultaneously, it can take 3D images, which represent the most precise and best possible images for quality planning
  • VariOr-Dento test – molecular-biological detection of harmful bacteria causing periodontitis


  • KaVo chairs with state-of-the-art LED lights
  • perfect lighting of the workstation StarLight

Implants and surgery

  • Straumann and Neobiotech implants, implantological motor and piezo-surgical set, sets with neuro-surgical drills for bone augmentation SCA and SLA kit, set for bone augmentation GBR kit

Root canal treatment

  • endodontic motor Maillefer with Wave One function, apex locator for measuring the length of the root canal, ultrasound points for endodontics and ultrasound activation EndoActivator, microscope

White fillings

  • state-of-the-art method for lateral teeth SonicFill – a system with activated composite; front teeth are usually treated with the most renowned American aesthetic composite system Cosmedent Renamel

Rubber dam (kofrdam)

  • special barrier for high-quality production of white filings and high-quality treatment of root canals

Impression prosthetics

  • mixing apparatus Pentamix, polyether impression compounds, a-silicones and hydrocoloids

Large reconstruction prosthetics

  • SAM articulators – simulators of dental arches and their functions made in Germany, facial arch, SAM Axioquick – electronic facial arch – provides information for high-quality setting of the articulator so that it corresponds as much as possible to the dental arches of the patient for whom the denture is made in the articulator
  • Melag sterilization autoclaves
  • high-frequency cauter for gum shape modification


Opening times

Mon – Thu: 8am – 4pm
Fri: 8am – 2pm

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