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Treatment of periodontitis

Is there periodontitis in your family and do you want to prevent similar problems?

Our doctors will consult the condition of your teeth with you and recommend the best care. Then you will be referred to our dental hygienist, who will remove tartar from your teeth and make sure that your gums are healthy and without inflammation. If you make regular preventive visits to our dental hygiene office and take care of your teeth properly at home, success is guaranteed.

Have you developed periodontitis?

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We will help you to treat it and fight it. Whether you have chronic periodontitis which has not yet been treated or an aggressive type of periodontitis which affects mostly young people, something can always be done.

Visit us and we will choose the best treatment method for you. It includes everything from surface to deep cleaning of tartar, the use of disinfectant gels and solutions, tests for bacteria causing periodontitis and the use of antibiotics directly destroying them. In more advanced forms we will choose gentle surgical treatment, the so-called open curettage, which will allow us to remove layers of tartar under visual check.


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