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Microscopic treatment of root canals – microscopic endodontics

Titulek Popisek

Sometimes it simply happens that a tooth starts hurting and needs the treatment of root canals, the so-called endodontic treatment. Most often, it is caused by caries, tooth sharpening or an injury; occasionally, the tooth decides to die under a large filling or an old crown. This treatment is the last resort in saving the tooth from extraction; therefore, it must be performed with maximum care and precision. And because the dental root system is absolutely miniature and we need to see it as clearly as possible, we use a microscope in our office for this purpose.

Titulek Popisek

Titulek Popisek

In a majority of cases, we are able to deal with the tooth during a single visit; the only exception is patients with face oedema or long-term inflammation around the root cusps – we treat these in two visits. The tooth with a high-quality root filling remains in the patient’s mouth with the prospect of functioning for decades or even for lifetime. A great deal depends on the subsequent high-quality restoration of the crown part of the tooth – in a majority of cases, a crown or other prosthetic work is recommended (according to the study Aquilino, Caplan 2002, the survival of crowned teeth is six times higher than the survival of those not crowned); in little-damaged teeth, restoration by a white composite filling is recommended.

Painlessness of this treatment is guaranteed. Only after the procedure, the tooth may be sensitive to bite and pressure, but a simple painkiller such as Ibuprofen will mostly deal with this pain sufficiently.

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