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Surgical procedures

We provide a wide range of surgical procedures, performed both by our internal doctors and by a very experienced surgeon who works at our clinic externally.

Extraction (pulling out) of wisdom teeth

We will perform simple as well as more complex extraction of these teeth painlessly, carefully and entirely professionally, in order to reduce the healing period to a minimum and to rule out unnecessary complications after extraction.

Cyst removal

If a formation such as a cyst appears around the tooth or in the jaw, it is advisable to intervene. Like in any other cases, we are prepared to help you here.

Resection of the root cusp

Intervention which we perform if the root canal treatment or its revision cannot be performed to the best expectations and there is perceptible inflammation in the area of the root cusp. It is the last resort in saving the tooth from extraction.

Bone augmentation – bone restoration

It is a procedure in those places where there is a lack of bone and it is necessary to insert implants or aesthetically improve the place.

  • sinuslift – bone restoration in the event of bone lack in the paranasal cavity in the upper jaw
  • horizontal bone restoration in the case of narrow bone ridge
  • vertical restoration in the case of insufficiently high bone ridge

Bone transplantation

We are able to offer you even this most demanding procedure, where bone is transplanted in the mouth from a place where it is in sufficient quantity to a place where it is lacking, again performed by our experienced surgeon.

Surgical dental crown lengthening

If the teeth are too short and do not look aesthetic in a smile – the so-called gummy smile, it is possible to improve, i.e. lengthen them by means of this surgical procedure.

Periodontal plastic surgery

Covering over of the exposed crevices


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