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Jaw joint

Čelistní kloub

Do you feel that your teeth do not fit properly?
Do you feel that you have difficulty biting?
Do you feel that your chewing muscles are tired and painful?
Do you feel that your lower jaw lacks a stable position?
Is there cracking or crepitation in your jaw joint area?
Is the area of your jaw joint painful?

We will help you! We know how to deal with these situations!

In these situations, it is necessary to relax the chewing muscles and almost always to shift the jaw into a completely stable, so-called centric position – centric relation, in exceptional cases into a so-called relief position for a temporary period. The first stage of treatment involves the creation of a special splint in the above-mentioned positions. This treatment can sufficiently solve the problems. If it does not, there follows assessment and continuation, either by prosthetic modification of the occlusion (crowns, bridges, etc.) or orthodontically, i.e. by means of braces.

We specialize in extensive reconstructions of the dentition. It is especially important in them to make sure that the location of the jaw joint is correct so that the new teeth bite correctly and completely comfortably. We know how to do it, thanks to many years of experience in performing full reconstructions and thanks to the best education in this area.

Have you been told that with your new teeth, your biting will not be the same as before and you will have difficulty getting accustomed to the new denture, especially as regards its function? We will be happy to convince you of the opposite; our senior doctor Jiří Zvolánek is a specialist on aesthetic dentures.

Who is a candidate for treatment of the jaw joint and the function of the whole dental apparatus?

  • a patient with bothersome clicking and cracking in the joint area
  • a patient with pain in the ear area – around the jaw joint
  • a patient who cannot get accustomed to a dental replacement
  • a patient with teeth so damaged that he finds it difficult to bite
  • a patient who grinds his teeth


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