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Telescopic removable bridges and prostheses

Titulek Popisek

Titulek Popisek

If you are considering a removable denture and simultaneously require maximum comfort, telescopic work is the solution for you. This denture is anchored by a special system of double-surface crowns on your remaining teeth and therefore has perfect stability. If there are a sufficient number of teeth, we can make a telescopic bridge that does not reach the palate at all. Other instances require a telescopic prosthesis containing a small connecting element on the palate, the so-called clamp.

Titulek Popisek

A great advantage of this removable denture is its variability for loss of other teeth – it does not have to be made all over again; in the office it is merely adjusted to the new situation, thanks to which it has long-term durability.

Who is a candidate for a telescopic removable denture:

  • a patient with advanced periodontitis
  • a patient with only several remaining teeth
  • a patient with teeth with uncertain prognosis, which they wish to preserve

Samples in the gallery – implant supported telescopic denture/ bridge
Samples in the gallery – tooth supported telescopic denture/bridge


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