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Ceramic and gold fillings – inlays and onlays

Keramické onlaye Keramické onlaye

Is your tooth so damaged that the filling will no longer function well and it is too early for a crown? We will be as conservative as possible to your teeth; in order to restore the function and aesthetics of the tooth we will use a lab-made inlay and onlay. An inlay is the filling-in of the inner part of the tooth, i.e. in fact a lab-made filling. An onlay replaces a part of the tooth cusps, thus being a large lab-made filling or a partial crown.

These replacements are made of ceramic or gold, where the ceramic is attached to the tooth with special glue; gold is bonded by cement.

Naturally, ceramic is absolutely unrivalled in aesthetics and can efficiently replace function. Its use is almost universal; however, if there are more complex situations in the rear section of the dentition, we do not hesitate to use gold, which is more precise and less technology- sensitive and which surpasses ceramic in durability.

Do you want maximum aesthetics? Go for ceramic!
Do you want maximum durability? Go for gold!

Celokeramická inlay Celokeramická inlay

Who is a candidate for ceramic and gold fillings – inlays and onlays:

  • a patient with teeth containing large fillings
  • a patient with teeth containing large cavities
  • a patient with teeth containing broken cusp(s)
  • a patient with treated root canals
  • a patient with teeth damaged by grinding – bruxism

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