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Complete removable dentures – total prostheses

Titulek Popisek

We will show you that complete removable dentures can be made in such a way that they not only fit perfectly but also hold excellently in place and look great aesthetically. Creating such a total prosthesis is a true art and we have been learning it from one of the world’s most recognized experts on the subject, Professor Alexandera Gutowského of Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany.

Titulek Popisek

How do we manage to create such a total prosthesis? The excellent fit is achieved by the high-quality and detailed impression of the gum on which the prosthesis will lie. At least two impressions by a special impression compound are needed. The excellent hold is achieved by a perfect marginal adaptation, which must be impressed in full. Afterwards, the creation is in the hands of an experienced technician in the dental laboratory. And aesthetics? It is ensured by our knowledge of the correct smile design and the selection of top-quality teeth, from layered resin to ceramic ones.

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