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White fillings

White composite filling

Titulek Popisek

Composite fillings made in our office return to the tooth not only the structure lost by caries but also an ideal anatomic shape and the correct function. Because every bump and hollow on the tooth is important for high-quality biting, our fillings look like actual teeth. All that is needed is to choose the correct colour and the filling will be unrecognizable from the tooth itself.

Modern composite materials can be used anywhere in the mouth, i.e. not only at the front but also on the back teeth. We comply with the strictest criteria for their creation, of which the most important one is preventing the access of moisture. Therefore, it can be said that the composite white fillings made by us are a high-quality replacement of amalgam. They take slightly longer to make, but the result is worth it.

Titulek Popisek

White glass ionomer filling

This kind of filling is typically used in several situations. First and foremost, in children’s teeth, where glass ionomer is an invaluable helper thanks to its resistance to moisture and the ability to re-generate caries. Because of this ability we use it even in very deep caries, as it contains a large amount of fluorides and is capable of healing dental tissue in depth. The third possibility is its use as a high-quality temporary filling.

The filling is white in colour but does not attain the aesthetic qualities of a composite filling; in addition, it has lower endurance. Although we opt for a composite filling whenever possible, glass ionomer is our excellent helper.

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