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Ceramic crowns and bridges

Titulek Popisek

At our clinic we use crowns and bridges made either entirely of ceramic – all ceramic, or dentures with a metal frame all covered by ceramic – metal ceramic. This so-called metal ceramic is based on a noble gold-platinum alloy or a non-noble chromium-cobalt alloy. We always avoid using allergizing nickel, which you will never find in our dentures.

All-ceramic is a current trend; thanks to being as transparent as the tooth, it is very aesthetic and natural. We make all kinds of all-ceramic, from the basic layered through pressed to the latest zircon-oxide ceramic, made by means of computer scanning and subsequent milling – the so-called CAD/CAM technology.

Titulek Popisek

High-quality and timely treatment in the form of a bridge or a crown often prevents future complications such as shifting and breaking of the teeth, and will ensure a good function of the chewing apparatus. A timely intervention thus protects the teeth from complicated treatment or even extraction. There is no need to fear the filing down of teeth – if performed professionally, the denture functions excellently and you will certainly be satisfied with it!

The work we perform in our practice is done with maximum care; therefore, it can be expected to remain functional for up to several decades, provided that correct oral hygiene is maintained and a dental hygiene office regularly visited.

Who is a candidate for ceramic crowns and bridges:

  • a patient with treated root canals
  • a patient with teeth containing extensive fillings
  • a patient with teeth containing extensive cavities
  • a patient with teeth containing broken cusps
  • a patient with teeth damaged by grinding – bruxism

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